June Genealogy Jamboree slated in Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

Plans are under way for the June Genealogy Jamboree 2011 in Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
Organizers are billing the June 9-12 event as “four days of walking in the footsteps of our early pioneer ancestors,” with genealogy, a timeline of history and a taste of our ancestors’ lives.

Traditional crafts, surname tents, societies, authors and book vendors will be on site. Vendors who want to book a spot or a surname tent should contact the organizers at P.O. Box 705, Tazewell, Tenn.; calling 423-869-9580 or sending an email to sparky@antila.net

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park will feature speakers. Schedules will be announced in late February or early March.

Hundreds of thousands of our ancestors passed through the Cumberland Gap to settle the western frontier.

It’s estimated 50 million Americans have ancestral ties to the Cumberland Gap, a pass on the Wilderness Road through the western Appalacians where Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia meet.


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