The International Society for British Genealogy and Family History will hold its annual British Institute Oct. 3-7 in Salt Lake City.

The Institute is an intense, five-day seminar. This year’s tracks and instructors are:

         Genealogical Research in Ireland – Advanced Methodology – David Rencher. The course will include Strategies for a Solid Beginning, Catholic Strategies and Research, Scots-Irish Strategies and Research, Mining the Evidence and Drawing conclusions from the Evidence.

        Finding Records of Property Ownership in England – Barbara Baker. The primary records of property ownership in England were a variety of title deeds, yet there was no formal registry until about 1862 and most counties had no registries of their own prior to that year. As a result finding property records can be a long and daunting task. This course will review the history of land and property ownership in England, teach you about the various types of records and how and where to look.

        The Amazing Honourable East India Company – John M. Kitzmiller  II. The Honourable East India Company, commonly known as HEIC, was a powerful force not only in foreign countries but in the British Isles as well. Many a civil servant or military officer became quite wealthy during their stay in the service. The HEIC was in effect its own company and small country all rolled into one. If your ancestor served in India or the HEIC, this course is for you.


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