Free Civil War Georgia lectures Feb. 4 in Dalton, Ga.

Civil War Georgia in 1862 is the topic of the 2012 Civil War in the Western Theater Colloquium on Saturday, Feb. 4 in Dalton, Ga. Three lectures are free and open to the public for this year’s event, “Protecting Home & Hearth: Civil War Georgia 1862” sponsored by the Bandy Heritage Center for Northwest Georgia and the Georgia Humanities Council.

The lectures, all in the Eastern time zone, will be held in the lecture hall at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center, 2211 Dug Gap Battle Road in Dalton:

1:30 p.m. – “Confederate Armies: East and West,” given by Dr. Richard McMurry, Civil War historian and author.

2:30 p.m. – “Fought to a ‘Frazzle’: The Experiences of Georgia Soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia,” given by Dr. Mark Wetherington, Director of the Filson Historical Society.

3:30 p.m. – “The Grim Visage of War: Georgia in 1862,” given by Dr. Keith Bohannon, Associate Professor of History, University of West Georgia.

The colloquium is sponsored in association with the Dalton 150th Committee, which will host a noon lecture on the Great Locomotive Chase by Russell Bonds, and a 7 p.m. concert by Birmingham-based musician Bobby Horton. For more information, visit the committee’s website at

This event will coincide with the Chickamauga Civil War Trade Show.For information on entry fees to the trade show, contact the Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center at 800-824-7469.For more information on Bandy Center programs, contact Heather Shores at 706- 272-4452.


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