Bike tours of Alabama’s first set capital set for Saturday

Old Cahawba, site of the state’s first capital, will hold its annual bike tour on Saturday, March 30.

The two-hour guided tour is from 10 a.m.-noon and will take cyclists past graveyards, building ruins and other relics left behind when the once-thriving town was abandoned. The length of the tour is 4 miles.

Cahawba was the state capital from 1820 to 1826, before the capital moved to Tuscaloosa. The Old Cahawba site, set in an archaeological park, contains a rich history dating back to the time before the first European contact in the 16th century.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes. A few bicycles will be available, but you’ll need to reserve one by calling 334-872-8058.

Old Cahawba is at 9518 Cahaba Road in Orrville, Dallas County. That’s about about 14 miles southwest of historic Selma.


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